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        Test Center Introduction

        As part of the Tuopu Group, the testing center is a professional organization engaged in the test of auto parts and subsystems, which consists of four testing areas – performance/size testing area, materials testing area, structural dynamic endurance testing area and NVH testing area. The center owns the world's leading test equipment, and its testing and detection capabilities maintain the leading level among numerous domestic auto parts enterprises.

        The Test Center was incorporated into ISO/IEC: 17025 management system in 2005 and recognized by the laboratory of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) in January 2007. and has also been certified by SGM, GEELY,  SAIC,BYD,NIO etc..

        Completed organizational structure, advanced testing equipment and technologies effectively ensure Tuopu has the qualified testing capabilities in fields of the parts performance of metallic and non-metallic materials, subsystems, and automotive assembly, and owns the third-party testing qualifications.

        Test range

        • Performance/ dimension test ability

          Dynamic and static performance test
          Dimensional measurement
          Corrosion test
          Chemical composition analysis
          Stiffness features

        • EMC test ability

          Radiated Emission
          Conducted Emission
          Radiated Immunity
          Bulk Current Injection
          Magnetic Field Immunity
          Portable Transmitters Immunity
          Electrostatic Discharge
          Conducted Transient Emission
          Conducted Transient Immunity

        • NVH test ability

          Powertrain Mass test
          Powertrain rigid mode test
          Vehicle NVH test and analysis
          Vehicle NVH evaluation and optimizing
          Acoustic parts sound absorption and transmission loss test

        • Structure dynamic durability test

          RLD durability test
          Multi-axle durability test
          TVD resonant fatigue test
          Ball joint wearing test

        • Material test ability

          VOC performance test
          Material analysis and research
          Material development validation

        • Electronic products test ability

          Software static/dynamic unit test
          SSIT/HSIT test
          MIL mode in-the-loop test
          SIL hardware in-the-loop test
          HIL hardware in-the-loop test
          Environmental test
          Durability test
          System performance test
          Electric machinery functional test