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        Tuopu Group Business Division Framework Management

        Since the establishment of Tuopu, it has always made the automotive parts industry as the core business, and continuously carried out technological innovation and market expansion. Up to this day, Tuopu has three business divisions, with their tireless efforts in their respective industrial sectors:

        • Power Chassis System Business Division
          Vibration Control System Unit Torsional Vibration Control System Unit Suspension System Unit Chassis System Light Alloy System Unit
        • Interior & Exterior System Business Division
          Acoustic System Unit Fabric System Unit Base Material System Unit Fiber System Unit Sealing System Unit Closure System
        • Mechatronic System Business Division
          Intelligent Braking System Electronic Control System Unit Actuator System Power Steering System Stability control system
        Power Chassis Parts Systems Business Division Focus on Anti-vibration system, suspension system and modularized solution on lightweight.
        Main customers

        SGM, FAW-VW, Chang’an-Ford, SAIC, Chang’an Group, Geely Automobiles, JAC, Brilliance Autocorporation, GM NA, FCA, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Porsche and other domestic and oversea OEMs.

        Power Chassis Parts Systems Division has R&D center, test center and 17 manufacturing plants.

        Vibration Control System Unit
        Torsional Vibration Control System Unit
        Suspension System Unit
        Chassis System
        Light Alloy System Unit

        Systematization Management

        Build professional team to make continuously change and innovation on management system, in order to adapt to company's high speed progress.

        Quality System

        As early as 1984, Tuopu already contacted the system audit requirements from Chrysler, and built a complete ISO9002 system in 1996. In the subsequent development, Tuopu has steadily grown in their own and customers' rigorous assessments……

        • ? 2008 | Q1
        • ? 2006 | ISO/IEC17025 | 3C
        • ? 2005 | ISO/TS16949
        • ? 2004 | ISO14001
        • ? 2002 | VDA6.1
        • ? 1999 | ISO9001
        • ? 1999 | QS9000
        • ? 1998 | GP-10
        • ? 1997 | ISO9002
        Environmental System

        Tuopu upholds and advocates: To continuously improve the environment, all activities must be developed along the new path of high technology, low energy consumption and pollution control. For this purpose, the Group has always adhered to the sustainable development strategy, upheld the environmental policy of “Complying with Laws & Regulations Saving Resource and Reducing Consumption Preventing and Controlling Pollution Continuous Improvement.", established the corporate environmental management system (ISO14001), and become a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise group.